About Adfury

We aren’t an agency. AdFury is a powerful self-service tool that helps you manage lead generation campaigns in AdWords. It helps to simplify and implement sophisticated campaign management techniques and to automate tedious administrative tasks including synchronized landing pages, which can dramatically improve campaign success.

What’s with the name?

We chose AdFury because we wanted a name that captured the frustration of building and managing search advertising campaigns. They really can be infuriating in their complexity and subtly. We also wanted a name that captured the aggressive nature of the bidding process; different advertisers fighting it out for position, clicks, and conversions.

Thanks for dropping by!

For businesses large and small, Google AdWords is the most effective advertising platform available. But for many people, AdWords can be dauntingly complex to set up and manage. Even for skilled AdWords managers, some best practices (like a landing page synchronized to every keyword) is just not logistically possible.

Founded in 2016, AdFury is making it easier to create and manage campaigns that work hard for your business.

AdFury has offices in San Francisco and Denver

San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA 94114

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