Free tool: Extend keywords with location

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Build hyper-local keywords like a champ

Tell everyone that you spent hours researching locations and manually updating every keyword. Your secret is safe with us!

What it does

Adding location names to keywords is a powerful way build hyper targeted campaigns. Not many people do it because it's labor intensive to research locations and amend keywords.

The tool will automatically generate a list of all towns within the selected radius. It'll also extend the entered keyword with each location name. You can copy the results to include in a campaign.

  • Enter a keyword into the first field
  • Enter any city or town anywhere in the world! Zip codes are supported as well.
  • Enter a radius
  • That's it! Click generate!
  • Add additional keywords by entering a different location and clicking generate again.
  • Start over by clicking clear.
  • This tool is included in AdFury's campaign launcher, and can be used to extend any number of keywords automatically.


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